Using Nano-InXider SAXS, we can do various type of analysis.

The Nano-InXider collects high dynamic range of intensity which enables the instrument to access absolute quantity parameters such as particle numbers, molar mass, concentration and specific surface.

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Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) Instrument can handle wide range of scale.

From few nanometers to few hundreds of nanometers, one can apply the instrument to get particle size distribution, and nanostructure of biomaterials, such as proteins in solutions.

Also, orientations analysis on fiber and films and direct following of phase transformation are available with this Nano-InXider SAXS.

You can find additional abilities of the Nano-InXider SAXS in the website.

Nano-InXider SAXS collects data directly from the sample and offers XSACT for result analysis.

X-ray Scattering Analysis and Calculation Tool (XSACT) deals with the results analysis and data manipulation.

We focus on biophysical and structural study of proteins and their complexes in solution, obtaining size and shape information that can be used for integrative modeling. We aim to study protein dynamics by Bio-SAXS under various conditions, such as conformational changes and protein allostery in drug discovery.

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